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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

well i got nothing on opening day.

I had 2 come screaming past my stand around 7 AM.....they were spooked by something......or maybe they were frisky (it was a doe followed by a buck)......they didnt even notice me there.....but went so fast i couldn't even bring the bow up, let alone shoot them moving.

i moved my stand mid morning cuz i didn't like my shooting options (set up the stand in the dark, public land)...

i moved a tad north....and just as i was about to hoist my bow up to my stand.....a 6 pointer crashes through the bushes.....of course my bow was half snagged on a bush........i freeze....he freeze...cuz he head a bit of the noise i was making...... we both sit there.....i decide that i could sit there...without a bow.....and not get a deer.......or i could try to hoist up my bow slowly and maybe shoot the lil booger.

it didnt work...he saw the movement and heard the noise and took off the way he came....

nothing else for the rest of the day.....i did see a family of raccoons at sunset though.

so...for the start of my 2nd seasons ever deer hunting and bow hunting......i still have zero deer ....I'm hoping i do better than last years compilation beginner mistakes.

at least it wasn't work.....

Anyone have better luck? post up!!!

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

oct 1 was our opener saw 1 six point before the lightning had me scurring down the tree like a squirrel.got about 2.5 hrs in.only 2 days till the weekend.

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

I didn't even see anything opening day. Just means I get to hunt some more lol

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

I haven't been out yet. Too damn hot. I like to wait until the 20th or so after the first frost. Don't much care to share my stand with the ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes.

Can't wait, though. Thumbs up

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

our opening day for bow was sept 15th and it happened to be the best opening day ive had with bow in the last 6 or 7 years. me and my buddy decide we were going to go to a spot we found in the early summer and ground hunt and let our girlfriends have our stands for the morning. we had just got to where we wanted to setup and there were to does standing there about 20 yards out so i shot 1 and my buddy missed the other. we started following my deer which we wouldnt usually do but it had started to rain and we didnt want to lose the trail and while following it we came up on 3 more deer and my buddy shot a nice spike that only went about 60 yards and ended up only about 30 yards from mine. both of the girls seen deer but didnt feel comfortable taking a 30 yard shot since this the the 1st year for both of them hunting. so all in all it was a good day everybody seen deer we put 2 in the freezer and the girls learned how to clean em.

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

My wife got a big doe opening morning (Monday 10/1/07.)

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Opening Day........my results: nothing dead

not opening day, but on friday i laid the hammer down on a doe. i'll try to get a pic posted if i can remember.

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