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Opening Day in Spud Central

opening day hunt, readers digest version.
First light I spot coyote hunting partner misses, but give song dog some exersise, .shorthly thereafter a spike elk comes flying over a rig and is right on top of us before realizing we aren't part of the terrain.
Then 20 minutes later
while glassing from truck, I begin to get my old savage 110 DL (left hand)
read left hand,ready,
I recently had the bolt jeweled by a local guy and had'nt shot it since getting the bolt back.
Bolt wouldn't fit????????, got to looking and the old boy had reassembled it in a right hand configuration, So I field stripped it and reassembled, luckily this could be done with only tool being used was my leatherman. Good thing it wasn't a remington bolt problem as who carries a bolt tool with them.
While this problem is being addressed, we finshed the day with seeing
6elk, 1 6x6 320BC +/-, four spikes, one cow,
7 deer, four does, 3 bucks, of which we killed a small 5x5 non-typ,
1 educated and exersised coyote
a cow and calf moose,
100 or so antelope,
las t and best as we hit the edge of the fields coming home, I spotted what I first thought was another coyote, when I got glass on it low and behold it was a cougar of 50/70 lbs, watched it for maybe 15 minutes and it dissapeared in a pivot wheel rut, few minutes later another much larger cougar shows up 250 yds, to the north and then proceeds to catch ??? something we could not
identify even with spotting scopes, maybe gopher, rabbit, any way critter. this cat packs it off and I don't if she was just so fat or maybe she was still with milk but her stomach swung so much while she trotted off that you could see the white of her belly, fitting end for a good day. Yes

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