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Congrats on a super buck !

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That thing is a beast.

That thing is a beast. Congratulations to the both of you! Sounds like it was a joint effort. Maybe you can just saw the skull plate in half and both keep a piece:lol: . I'm just kidding... don't do that ha. That will be a great memory with your dad though. I wish I could find myself a freak non-typical like that to harvest... but then again I guess I am still looking for a solid typical to put on the wall. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Once again, congratulations on the great harvest!

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Great buck. Sounds like your

Great buck. Sounds like your unit had good numbers. You can't beat a down hill drag either. Really helps to be able to scout ahead of time also, you have the proof in your hands. Again congrats.

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Gotta love the bloody

Gotta love the bloody knees!Big smile


Pretty saweet kicker buck too!Yes

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Man, what an awesome

Man, what an awesome rack.

Great thing that you came back up on the same buck - great for you two and great for the deer in that he was at least shot and finished off for good.

I can not imagine a long drag like that - that seems an awfully long way, even if it is downhill.

We have seen issues with twice shot deer before - I guy I hunted with this week lost a great buck to this scenario - he placed what would be a fatal shot but the deer ran down a hill and another hunter shot the deer again...

When my buddy got there, the guy would not relent... he stated he shot it and killed it and that was the end of the argument.

It was a 140 or better class whitetail on public land... my buddy called the game warden and he said there was little he could do... because there was not a good way to "prove" which shot actually killed the deer.

The deer was so great - my buddy even offered the guy $500 to let him keep the deer and the guy refused... now that is "wanting one" real bad - on the part of both hunters.

That is clearly one of the perils of hunting public land, however... but at least in your case, it was "all in the family".

Great buck and great story!

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Now that is a nice buck with

Now that is a nice buck with lots of mass and character.  Neat deer with a neat story to go along with it.  I am glad you were able to get it instead of having it crawl off and die somewhere. I am sure it is special because of the way you and your dad teamed up to get it.

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