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Opener FALL turkey 09' Oct. 13

Left the house about 7:25 and was at the bush about 7:40.
Started my way in along a ditch that runs through the property with an idea of where I wanted to go. Found my tree and got my spot ready and sat down and NOPE I had to drop a DUFER first (DAMN TIM HORTONS COFFEE) so ventured 15 yrds away and did my deed and the hunt was on.
Didn't know what to expect but the birds started to yelp and cluck within a 100 yrds or so from me, so yelped back with a response back at me.
Afew more yelps and cutt once at them they started to move closer. Finally caught a glimpse of them and started to whine and scatch the leaves and a single hen broke from the flock and came to within 25 yrds of the barrel and my hunt was over by 8:30.

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Re: Opener FALL turkey 09' Oct. 13

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Nice job on the Tom. That was

Nice job on the Tom. That was a pretty short hunt, but a good one!

We have Tim Horton's down the east side of Michigan and I love it! Most of my hunting buddies joke about my knowing where every one of them are. Whenever we go hunting or fishing, I always make sure I drive past one, and if they are driving, they try to take a different route! lol So I do the next best thing, and that is to offer to buy them a cinnamon roll if they'll drive through one.

Thanks for showing the nice gobbler.


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