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Ontario MNR Bear Wise Program

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Ontario MNR Bear Wise Program

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Ontario MNR Bear Wise Program

I can't even blame the liberals for this one sad The Torys brought in the end of the sping bear hunt from pressure from the anties back in the nineties saying that the spring bear hunt was orfaning bear cubs.
well there have been more orfaned bear cubs as a result of to many bears and not enough food, the mother bears leave there cubs out of self preservation.
The bear wise program tells people how to keep bears away, by keeping your barbaque clean don't leave pet food out side, and if you encounter a bear don't show your back and walk slowly away facing the bear.
This may not be politicaly correct but I go by the moto of the Three S.s.s.
shoot shovel and shutup, if I have a bear problem.
There are sightings of bear whare there haven't been any for years, it won't be until some politician's kid getts mauled that things will change.
sorry for the rant

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Ontario MNR Bear Wise Program

Not a rant atall. I totally agree man. Thumbs up

The Bear wise program is in shambles and getting worse next year will be unreal if this is what we have in store, someone is going to get hurt and it won't be someone in thier family suffering to change these laws.