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Ontario black bear!!!

Arrive as a guest leave as a friend with a trophy to last u a lifetime....check out www.cantrapsnorthernadventures.com hunts begin aug 15 so that'searly enough to bring the son or daughter before school starts and the weather is warm... Thumbs up

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Feel free to ask so

Feel free to ask so questions!! Confused

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The black bear Ursus

The black bear Ursus americanus is one of the most familiar wild animals in North America today. To many campers it is both a nuisance and an exciting part of their outdoor experience. Most visitors to Canada's provincial and national parks are disappointed if they fail to catch a glimpse of a bear.

Bear Signs

It is easy to find signs of black bears. Looking for food, they roll or turn over logs and stones, break up rotted stumps, tear up berry patches, and dig holes in the ground.

They also have 'bear trees'. These are trees with teeth marks as high as a bear can reach with its mouth, and great claw scratches higher than that. Most markings are done during the breeding season in late spring or early summer (from mid-June to mid-July).

Biologists think that trees repeatedly clawed and marked by bears serve as a form of communication. Adult males use these trees most frequently, presumably to advertise their presence to potential mates or potential rivals.

Black bears are extremely fond of garbage and frequently congregate at dumps. This habit occasionally leads them into contact with people who enjoy observing the feeding antics of the bears, especially the younger ones. Signs that bear have been foraging at a garbage dump is large amounts of scat left behind and bear tracks

When people watch bears in the wild they should never forget that these are wild animals that must be treated with caution. They should not be fed. Most bears will hastily retreat if a person approaches too closely, but one should not take unnecessary chances, as bears, like people, are sometimes unpredictable. They are interesting to observe and photograph, but they can be dangerous at close quarters.

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