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Only in America

I was reading an article about the Kansas Chapter of the Minute Men. They were rallying in support of protecting our borders. One family decided to hold a counter-rally. This excerpt from the article sums up the stupidity of Americans who do not support deporting illegal aliens.

The protesters had opposition across the street from Jerry and Dianne Morse and their son David. The family met to call for immigration reform.

"The people in Mexico are using their hard-earned money to get here," Jerry Morse said. "The U.S. takes their money and tells them to try again."

David Morse's wife and two children haven't been allowed to enter the country as a result of his wife being caught with a false passport. If the family can't be reunited, David plans to go to Mexico. His parents also are willing to go.

The wife was caught with a false passport and they act like she is the victim. My guess she is guilty of a felony and does not belong in this country. Get in line, follow the rules and come to this country legally. Come here illegally and you are a criminal and should never be allowed in.

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Only in America

I say adios to David and his parents.

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Only in America

For some reason........I just don't feel sorry for them.

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