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Only 6 months to go!

Man, I'm dying here. There is nothing to hunt. You can't get up in the high stuff to scout. I've got my Colorado and Wyoming applications planned out through 4th choice and my leftover plans laid out. Nothing to do other than wait at this point. The next round of harvest and population stats won't be out for a few more weeks. Could maybe go shed hunting, but a lot of the county I want to hit is off limits until April and a long way from here on the Front Range. Turkey doesn't start for a few more weeks. Maybe I should take up skiing.

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Re: Only 6 months to go!

work up a new load maybe?

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Re: Only 6 months to go!

Have you tried calling in coyote? It's a lot of fun and often times you could have a fox or bobcat come running in as well. Find out if a rancher close by is having problems with coyote, they may welcome having some removed. Coyote are smarter and tougher to hunt than most people realize. How about prairie dogs? Most farmers and ranchers find them to be a huge problem and welcome having them reduced. Plus prairie dogs are excellent targets for sharpening your shooting skills.

Have you tried fishing? Maybe take some flyfishing or flytying classes.

This time of year our roadways are a huge mess with lots of trash along the roads. Join an "adopt a highway" group, at least you'd get out in the sunshine and fresh air!

Get out to the range more, and has been suggested try some new loads. Guess you could always buy a new firearm to play with too. Big smile Maybe volunteer to help clean up a shooting range?

Here we have shooting clubs for youth and they always need volunteers. Maybe help with some hunters ed classes?

I know this isn't quite as good as fall hunting, but it will get you out and involved! Thumbs up

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Re: Only 6 months to go!

Yeah, going to keep myself busy with turkey next month then it will be fishing & scouting till it is time once again!

Though I do have cabin fever pretty darn bad right now!!! Wacko

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Re: Only 6 months to go!

go fishin,the rivers are just gettin good! What??

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