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one shot 30-06

I have a win 30-06 670, well the inside clip is not working, I can only put one shell at a time or it will get jammed up.So is there some kind
of a jugment I can do or is it going to be
pay big$$ to get fixed.THX

Email kash1234@shaw.ca

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one shot 30-06

It gets jammed loading the clip or when you pull the bolt back to push another round into chamber?

Either way it sounds like the skid at the top of the clip (that the rounds are pushed down against to load) is misaligned with the spring below it. Thus, not pushing the skid up to the right level and angle to smoothly slide the bullet into the chamber. That is at least my guess with not having the rifle in front of me. If it were me I would fiddle with these parts and see if you can get the skid and spring to play nice together.

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