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One hell of a great hunt!!!!!!

Here's a great success story that occured May 27th 2007.
I arrived at Sunset Eagle Outfitters remote lake camp on Costello lake in Northern Manitoba as a guide on May 27th at 1:00pm.I had never been there before and it was a new place for me to experience and try my skills at guiding there for 7 days. 8 new hunters were just arriving by boat and 1 hunter ( Wayne) from the previous week was remaining as he was the only one whom had not taken a bear the previous week. I told Wayne(the bowhunter ) I would try my best to get him a nice bear.
At 4:30pm we left by boat and arrived at 5:00pm at Blond Bear bait site ( I named all the sites with GPS ). The stand was at the waters edge and Wayne and Leslie(1 of the owners of the business) was standing next to the ladder behind a large wide tree getting Waynes gear ready. I went about my business baiting the barrel, then I did a honey burn for 10 minutes and placed wad's of papertowels in trees around the site and sprayed them with a vanilla honey spay.

That's when I heard the crack of a branch and grunt of a bear not more than 20 yards in the bush. It was now about 5:30pm, I motioned for Wayne and Leslie to get down and get ready. I was kneeling behing a 4 foot old stump and sprayed the vanilla honey spray in the air and the mist floated right to the bear. The large black bear slowly walked towards me and was now only 10 yards from me with it's nose snifiing in the scent of sweet honey and vanilla. Wayne was behind me and off to my right 8 yards and was shaking with the bow in his hand.
Leslie was in the open sitting against the large tree with my defender slug gun pointed at the bear.
I nodded and motioned to Wayne that the bear would turn broadside and he would get his chance. I could see his face was lit up like a 1000 watt bulb in the dark and he had his bow drawn back and held. I srayed one more time and slowly proned to the ground. The bear was now 6 yards from me and turned broad side to me sniffing and huffing. Needless to say I also was now shaking. Everything sort of went into slow motion and I looked over and saw Leslie had a concerned look on his face and rightly so I loked back and saw Wayne leaning out from behind the large tree and sighting the pin on the bear and then let loose the arrow that flew over me and the old stump I was laying behind. I saw the arrow hit home right behind the shoulder and only a few inches of fletching was sticking out. It grunted loudly and ran into the bush. I then went over to Wayne who was visible shaken and excited and whispered nice shot. I spoke with Leslie who was sying what a hunt and he was glad he had my slug gun. I then smiled and laughed as all 5 slugs were still in the sleeve on the stock of the gun as he had thought I had loaded the gun. So basically Leslie was in the same boat as I had been sitting in the open with a large bear coming in except I blended in with my camo and the stump and he was sitting there with a large chunk od metal in his hand that would not go boom. We all laughed again and we sat there by that beautiful big tree going over the hunt in excited whisper's and then a large grunt was heard.
After an hour we followed a nice blood trail and located the arrow which I assumed was the reason for th grunt when the bear pulled it out. ( Not a death moan). We located the large boar about 40 yards from the bait site. It was now only 6:45pm. We gave Wayne a healthy handshake and he was grinning from ear to ear. Leslie,Wayne and I had a nice workout getting the bear to the boat as the outfitter likes to have the bears back at camp for photo's and for the other hunters to admire.
We placed a cigarette under a tree and said a thank you to the spirit as this is the custom of Leslie's culture as a Cree aboriginal. You take something then give something back to do honor to the bear.

I have some nice photo's of Wayne and his beautiful bear which I'll try to attach later today. I have lots of other photo's from the 8 other hunters who all got bears that week. One was 6"7" and weighed over 400lbs (but thats another story for another time). Email me at bcmurphy@mts.net if you want me to send some photo's to you.

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One hell of a great hunt!!!!!!

Nice story--real pucker factor EH?

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One hell of a great hunt!!!!!!

Great Story Thumbs up
What did it feel like having an arrow wiz past ya?

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One hell of a great hunt!!!!!!

Yes great story.......who was baiting and doing the previous work prior to you getting in there at Costello Lake and doing the guiding.....where is that in relation to Eden and Leaf Rapids......kinda west ?

Gotta love those unsoffisticated bears..............so what was the square on Wayne's bear and the skull size?

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One hell of a great hunt!!!!!!

Great story......that one got the juices flowing. Thumbs up

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