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Every time this questions

Every time this questions comes up I am very annoyed.  Really just one gun, truely not possible.  Now maybe if I could only have 10 guns what would they be?

One gun----------My one gun would be a .22 long rifle.  I can kill all small game species, the ammo is cheap so you can afford lots of shooting and the little .22 has accounted for more deer than most people would like to agree with over the years.  Now my bear hunting days would be over but I would not have to be shooting rabbits and grouse with the -06

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one??? rifle???

This is a very disturbing idea to me...lol. At last count I now own over 30 different centerfire chamberings. Even though I firmly believe some are better than others, I've found little practical difference in a typical hunting scenario for dozens of different cartridges. I do prefer using a chambering that is known, for me, to drop an animal quickly as I'm not a big fan of searching and dragging.

It's been my experience that larger bullets do seem to work better than smaller ones. I have a couple favorites, but if pressed I'd probably choose the .35 Whelen or .338 Fed as my one cartridge. I would certainly like to have a combination rifle/shotgun chambered in either one plus a 12 ga barrel.

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One gun... if I couldn't have

One gun... if I couldn't have a gun with interchangable barrels I would have to go with the 12 ga.  It kills all large game with slugs and buck shot and all small game with various bird shot.  A shotgun is tthe most versatile of the firearms IMHO.  If it walks or flys on this earth, the 12 ga. can and will kill it.

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