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One Caliber

If you could have only one caliber for hunting North American Big Game with what caliber would it be?

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One Caliber


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I can't argue with CVC choice but since you asked... 300 win mag. Big smile

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Welcome to BGH. If I could only have one. I must have answered this question a couple dozen time's. Got a couple dozen different answer's too. Actually it's not quite that bad and it would be a toss-up. Either my 6.5x55, a 7x57 or a 280Rem. I am getting ready to have the barrel on my 30-06 re-bored to 338-06 so check with me next month! There are so many cartridges that would work it's pathetic. I might also add that I've no intention of ever hunting dangerious game either. In that case I'd go to my present big hammer, a 30-06! Soon to become a 338-06!

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Limited to what big game I hunt (deer and elk) I've long settled on one caliber. It's the .270 Winchester.

Although if Grizzlies were in my persuites I'd likely go with something bigger like either a .300 Win Mag or .338 Win Mag.

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WesternHunter speaketh with great wisdom Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Hey, Don
Your gonna like that 338-06.
Excellent one rifle recommendation for an all around cartridge for any North American hunt.

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I chose the .270 myself. Good shot placement is far more important than the caliber.

However, that being said there are many options that would work well and though many calibers will work on multiple game keep in mind that for some game your gun will invariably be overkill and barely enough power on others.

The best bet is to determine what your main game will be and try to find a caliber that fits well with your target game.

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7mm STW, fast, accurate, great knockdown power. Will handle any big game on the continent with the right bullet and placement of course.

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Another vote for the .270, with the proper bullet will take down most anything.

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I would say the 30-06 because it is a flat shooter up to 300yds, with the right bullet, and still carries enough energy to know it down. Though like what has been said earlier, it all depends on the bullet and shot placement. Thumbs up

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