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Once-in-a-lifetime Utah mountain goat hunt

Hey everybody my father and I were lucky enough to draw the high Unitas central mountain goat tag this year. I don't know the area at all yet and I was hoping that someone could give me some advice on the area i would appreciate it. I am planning on taking my goat with my bow so I anyone in the past has done this hunt and would be willing to share some tips with me on what made their hunt successful would be a huge help.

Thanks a ton

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Congrats on the tag.  I can't

Congrats on the tag.  I can't help you on the area that you drew but I do have one suggestion for you.  Take your rifle along with your bow.  I know quite a few hunters that have drawn goat tags and left their rifles at home only to find out that the only goats that they seen during the hunt were out of bow range. 

A once if a lifetime tag is too nice to waist if you just can't get close enough. 

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congrats on you tag

I would give the same advice on the rifle coming along as well. I drew a tag here in Idaho a few years ago and I'm very gratefull that I got the same tip and I even left my bow at home. I ended up getting a beautifull 9.5 in billy and would never have gotten him let alone recover him with a bow. he took 4 rounds in the boiler room with my 300 win. mag loaded with 180 gr Barnes X bullets. Toughest animal I have ever seen. Keep in mind the recovery can be not only hard it can be very dangerous depending on where he rolls to. My other advice would be to start studying Billies and Nannies. At first they seem similar, but after studying them they are VERY different animals. If you google it the Alaske fish and game has a pretty good quiz for this.

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Take your rifle!!

I tagged along on a goat hunt in BC a few years back. There were three hunters in camp. Two were rifle hunters and one bow hunter. My buddy(one of the rifle hunters) killed a beautiful 9.5" billy the third day of our ten day hunt. The other rifle hunter killed a smaller one on the 6th day. The bow hunter borrowed a rifle and killed his on the 9th day. Also listen to Clearwater about studying up on Billies and Nannies. Usually the Nannies will have young ones in tow but sometimes not. Nannies can also be very long but are a smaller diameter horn. Smaller in body size also. Good luck to the both of you. Kevin

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thanks guys for the advise I

thanks guys for the advise I am planning on taking a rifle up with me. It would be a shame to be eating tag soup on this hunt.

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Congratulations to the both

Congratulations to the both of you. Agree 100% on bringing the rifle. Tag soup is not an option for this hunt.

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I went scouting last weekend

I went scouting last weekend and didn't see a thing we went to red castle but we didn't make it it to the upper canyons of it and i think thats where the goats were hiding. My dad is getting older and the backpacking stuff is a little difficult for him and I don't think we would be able to get two goats out by ourselves. I looked up a few packers and they were quite expensive. We have our own gear and tents and are willing to compensate for your time and expenses. So if you know anyone or you do this type of thing let me know and if they want to tag along for the hunt they are more than welcome to.

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