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For once, California.......

...........got something right! lol

They finally moved away from the mail in requests for tags, and went fully automated. 

I went in yesterday, asked for my 2011/2012 license, upland game tag, and then wanted to apply for a deer and elk draw.  She asked what were my choices for deer, I said "G-13 (doe tag) then A-22 (Archery)". She said OK, what about elk?  I gave her a # for a muzzleloader bull tag (1 in 126 chance).

Next thing I know, she takes my money, hands me my new license, and a receipt for the draw choices.  She says I am all set, already entered into the drawing, and need to do nothing else but wait for the results.

Less than 10 minutes and I am out the door.  Gotta love that, unless you're the postal service and are losing all the $$$$ not spent on stamps.... Wink

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about dang time

A couple years ago I was applying for one of the X zones and the paper app asks for my current license number or something like that.  Which of course I don't have when I'm applying and live out of state.  Took me a little bit to realize I can buy the license and apply at the same time, but it's just one more thing you can avoid by doing electronic apps

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Government scam!

Its a gub'ment scam to keep the little man without a computer down!

Just kidding - Sounds very pleasant, congratulations on making it out of there fast and easy - now if only teh Department of Motor Vehicles could get their act together.....life would be good! lol

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well, mike... first off.

well, mike... first off. it's "GO'ment" and second, the DMV will never get their act together, if the seystem were more efficient, all the workers would be out of a job, and they wouldn't be able to charge as much to "self-fund" their institution.

i love the idea of ONE automated system for applying for the whole state. it would be awesome if most of the states were similar. for instance applications begin first week of february every year. drawings could be may 1st every year (it's all automated, so it's not like they need any extra time, just whatever to determine the number of licenses offered)

have fun with your new streamlined system!

//:posted via Blackberry 22, May 2011. While waiting in line at the DMV//:  lol

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I hope so

It is a lot better but i'm waiting tell the last day to apply.  If i get a Nevada tag i'l just go for a point in CA and get D11 & A31 but A31 will sell out so i'd like to buy it know. But you have to buy the first tag befor you buy the second tag . Befor you could buy both applications  and send in your second one in befor the first and all ready have a tag  what would be A31.know because i'm waiting there a chance A31 can  sell out. There might be away to buy the first tag fill it out and edit it later but i have't figured it out yet. If not they should fix it so you can.                                                                                                                                        Come on Nevada lets see the results Big smile

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    I used the new online

    I used the new online service last night, it works like a add to cart service, like a online store, different but it works. I had to wait for the Utah and Nevada draw results before i could do CA.

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