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Omnibus Public Land Management Act Sent to President

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Omnibus Public Land Management Act Sent to President

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Omnibus Public Land Management Act Sent to President

Thank you for posting.

When I read about this on other sources it sounded like nowhere that was familiar to me. Reading the article I saw the act includes the Wyoming Range.

I googled.

And found this map. http://www.greateryellowstone.org/media/maps/Wyoming-Range-Map-for-Press...

It looks like the Greys River in it's entirety is included, the Wyoming Range, The Salt River Range, Commisary Ridge. Basically all the area east of the road that runs from Alpine to Afton and then on down to Kemerer, half way over to where things flaten outside of Pigs Hiney (Big Piney), north to Bonderant and Hoback junction, south to where the trees run out.

It's a big area. Probably bigger than some states back east. I like those hills better than most others in Wyoming, not as spectacular as the Tetons or the Winds, but very untraveled.

I criss crossed this whole area on foot many times a year in the early 80s, there weren't that many people in there, only some ranchers using the Greys River valley for summer range.

Wish I was a resident of Wyoming. Seems like there were a lot of all animals. Now at least they can't build condos there.

This congress sure does get things done.

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