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Omega load recommendations?

Finally made it back from Iraq and plan to cash in my elk pref pts and chase wapiti with the smoke pole in CO in Sept . I have only shot pellet powder and sabots in the past but realized they along with scopes are illegal in CO.

What powder, bullets, loads would you recommend for elk hunting w/the Omega in CO? Need to get the gun to the range and get ready for this fall...Thanks! Thumbs up

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Re: Omega load recommendations?

I would try 110 t0 130 grains of Triple Seven or 110 grains of Black Canyon behind a 295/300 grain sabot bullet.
I have also used 100 gr of Triple Seven behind a 350 grain Hevi Shot sabo slug. Great penetration!

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Re: Omega load recommendations?

sabots are illegal in CO...any other bullet recommendations?

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Re: Omega load recommendations?

Thanks Jason for serving our country glad your back.

I don't have a Omega but I am getting ready for a hunt there also and have been doing lots of reading and there is lots of good looking bullets out there but this is what set up I'm gonna go with so far. I have killed lots of whitetails with the smaller Powerbelt bullets and the sabots. But like you said we can't use the sabots.
The Plantinum Powerbelt bullets 338 gr. look pretty tough and all the stats I was reading was good and at 150 yds. zeroed in you will have a 6" drop at 200 yds and around 1700 kentic energy at 150yds which all sound real good to me. And I will be using 150 grs.Triple seven.
I only shot them 2 times at 75 yasrds and they flew good and using fiber optic sights are a little tougher than having a scope, but the tips came off in my ram rod so I need a different tip on my ram rod or something.

I will be using my backup Magbolt 150 it has 1 :28 twist with no scope.
Make sure you let us know which set up you decide on using and mainly if you get the pleasure of seeing first hand what damage they can do on a live animal. Yes

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Re: Omega load recommendations?

I just bought an Omega SS Laminate TH 50 caliber. In my research I found that either the 200gr Shockwave or 250gr SST with 100gr to 120gr ffg Triple Se7en loose powder work best. I took mine out this last weekend and started w/ 90gr Triple7 and worked my way up to 100gr. Shot all 5 250gr Shockwaves that came w/ the rifle and then 16 of the Hornaday 250gr SST Low Drag's. Since it is a new rifle and scope it took me about 10 shots to get it close to zero (100 yards). I then hit a perfect zero w/ 2 follow-up shots within 1/2". After that the wind came up (25mph w/ additional gusts) I was hittin within 2 - 2 1/2" w/ no real grouping so I just shut it down. FWIW this my first time ever shootin a muzzleloader. I've always bowhunted. I also hear a fantastic bullet is the Harvester Scorpion PT gold in the 260 or 300gr. Since I couldn't find it locally I went w/ the SST's. Bought some 300gr SST's also which have a better ballistic coefficient than the 260gr. I bought a scope designed by Toby Bridges and he has been helping me a lot.....

I'd go ahead and start with the FFg Triple Seven, since you already have
> it. Accutracy is usually great with it, but before next fall, I'd try some
> FFFg. With a 100-grain charge, the finer grained powder ups velocity by
> at least 100 f.p.s. - and I have enjoyed great accuracy. Also, the longer
> range reticles
> of the scope were detrmined shooting FFFg Triple Seven. With either the
> 250- or 300-grain SST, the reticles will still put hits within +/- 1 1/2
> to 2 inches of point
> or aim at the longer ranges. You just may have to sight the heftier
> 300-grain about 1 1/2-2 inches high at 100 yards.

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