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Ol'Man Drone

Has anyone had the chance to check out the new Ol'Man climber the Drone?  The self leveling system has definitely caught my attention!  What do y'all think?


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Hey Droptine, all 7 of your

Hey Droptine, let me preface this by saying No disrespect meant by my following post.  Just some helpful advice. 

6 of your 7 posts, over the last 2 years, have been on Ol Man treestands.  And, all of the posts have been fashioned in such a way that you a playing yourself off as a consumer that just happened to "see it on the site', or something similar. You've hit at least 4-5 other hunting related sites with the exact same post. Whistling

Just to let you know, there is no need to be coy about it, since we actually have a hunting gear/products section.  Since you appear to have a vested interest in the product, why don't you throw up a post advertising them?

Much easier, and we won't need to keep reading your posts as if you're just another hunter..... Wink

Speaking as a consumer myself, I can tell you that people who post like this, make me more apt to not want to even visit their website or view their product.  If someone is straight forward, and says they have somethign to sell, I'll listen in most cases........

If I am wrong about your intentions, I apologize........

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$350 to $390 climbing

$350 to $390 climbing stand... ya - way too expensive.

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