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Oldest question in hunting; new elk hunter
onzaman wrote:
Cool sling Thumbs up ?

Thanks, its a holster!

Fyi the moderator deleted it my informative post. My post was by far the most informative and it got deleted.

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Oldest question in hunting; new elk hunter

It got deleted because it was an ad! Not only was it an ad, but it was off-topic for this thread. I suggest you review the rules on this forum.


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Oldest question in hunting; new elk hunter

I would also suggest the one you shoot the best, and know the most about. Trajectory could be an issue with the .06 after a couple hundred yards, but if you are familiar with how it shoots then go for it.

Last week I killed this Roosevelt with my .270 shooting 130 grn Power Points. I had the option of a STW in 7mm and a 300 Win Short Mag, but I have used the .270 for more then a dozen years and I know it inside and out.

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