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Old powders & new

Building loads for a rifle I purchased last summer.

Was comparing data in some of the older manuals and, dadgumit, I can't remember when IMR and Hodgdon started mirroring each others powders.

What year did H4350 come out?


Gotta start writing these things down, storing too much usless stuff in the space between my ears.

Why the heck they did not just give them different numbers, I sure don't know.  confused?

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I don't remember who bought

I don't remember who bought who but I think that Hodgdon bought out IMR and then started to the same name for their powder.  Just remember just because it says H-4831 on it that it doesn't mean IMR-4831.  They are still two different powders.

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Every manual I've ever looked

Every manual I've ever looked at including some from the 80's and perhaps late 70's stated H4350 (the H is for Hodgdon) if the manual just says "4350" it means IMR (same for 4831). 

Its worth noting that H4350 is not equal to 4350 or other Hodgdon/IMR comparisons.   The burn rates are similar and one can expect to work up a load using similar but NOT identical weights.  A max load in one may be over the limit in another or vice-versa.

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powder info


Good to point out that the powders are not the same even though they share the same number.

I am certain that the 4350 listed in the older Hornady manual refers to the then, Dupont IMR 4350,

Just could not remember when Hodgdon offer their H4350.  Knew that IMR was no longer a part of Dupont, but did not know who picked it up.  Thought it might be Hodgdon or Alliant, but did not know for sure.

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