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Old Fred Bear Recurve?

So i had this old recurve bow laying around in my room that my father let me have when i was a few years younger. I decided to try to look it up online, and didn't find much information on it other than that it was manufactured just around 1972. If anyone has anything to say about it, or knows something i do not, please share.

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bear recurve

You have a nice traditionle bow, If its in good condition it could be worth , I think ahundred or so. Go to the traditionle archery site, any of them. They list bows for sale, you could find your bow. Also on e-bay. I would learn how to shoot it. Traditional bows are great.

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Old Fred Bear Recurve?

That is a Classic! Take it to a local shop and have 'em check it out just in case there are any cracks or twists in it. If it checks out as safe, I say Hellz Yeah! Learn to shoot it and have a blast! Traditional archery is a completely different world and a whole lot of fun! Thumbs up
If your not into it and want to sell it, they go for upwards of a couple hundred bucks on ebay all the time.

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