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Old bow or new bow ? sell me on it.

Due to a torn rotator cuff I haven’t hunted with my bow for years. I had the shoulder fixed one year ago this month and finally given the go ahead from my physical therapist to start pulling back the bow again.

Just to give you a hint of how long its been, just before I tore the rotator cuff (non-archery related) I bought a new PSE Jet –flight Express w/ overdraw, which was the latest greatest thing to hit the market.

Now I’m not the kind of person who has to have the latest greatest product, unless it has hugh benefits over what I’m using. I know the engineering/design has changed so much since I bought the PSE and I haven't kept up on al the changes.. so my dilemma is;

Do I buy a new bow or not?

What do the new bow have that my old one doesn’t?

I value your opinions more than a salesman since I doubt any of you really care if I buy a new bow or not. Thanks.

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Old bow or new bow ? sell me on it.

The new bows are much faster. Now speed alone is not a reason to buy a bow, but you could shoot a less draw weight and still achieve the same speed0kenetic energy as your old bow.

The lighter draw weight will be easier on your shoulders

Also, you can get 80% let-off on the newer bows too.

There are some sweet bows out there. I shoot a Mathews and love it, but Hoyt, Bowtech, Martin and others make good bows too.

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Thank you

Thanks for the info. By the sounds of this and the replies on the other two forums I'd better go check out whats new on the market and give my old one to one of my sons to tinker with..