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Spring has come and so have our bottle babies. Be the first on your block to have a Exotic wildlife pet in your backyard. Each spring when the grass turns green, the trees and flower start to come alive, our 30 different species of Exotics wildlife fall in love. Our most popular Bottle babies are Yak, Watusi, Buffalo. If we do not currently have the bottle baby you would like we will put you on a list of that particular animal and call you when one is available. There is nothing in the world than beats having your very own Exotic animal that you can share with others. Welcome to the Triple S Wildlife Ranch at Calvin Oklahoma. We have over 1400 animals across 28 different wildlife species roaming our 3000 acres. This includes native game like monster whitetail deer, elk, quail, turkey, and hogs plus all the various exotics you might find on some the largest Texas hunting ranches, but our prices are much less expensive than Texas. Our African exotics include Addax, Oryx, Gemsbok, Nilgai, Kudu, Wildebeest, Aoudad, Blesbok, Eland, Waterbuck, and Zebra Our niche in the market is excellent customer satisfaction, so we will stop at nothing to ensure you and your family will have one of your best wildlife adventures ever. In addition to both traditional hunting and green hunting, you might also consider our photo safaris where you hunt with your camera.

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Okay I thought this was an

Okay I thought this was an add for a high fence exotic ranch when I first clicked on it. Then when I started to read I thought I was in the joke section due to the reference of bottle babies and the animals falling in love. Again since I did not see a link or phone number I assumed it was a joke.

Well I did a quick google search and found out it is not a joke and looks like a pretty big operation. Well it is still a joke actually as you can see many of the animals with the number tag in their ear and the pen they are being held in before you get to "hunt" them.

Amazing that this is considered hunting. This would go well along with the canned hunt thread.

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