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Yeah, those are some pretty

Yeah, those are some pretty low odds. You should feel happy about drawing that tag. You got pretty darn lucky there. Don't feel too bad about those odds though. We have got tags here in Colorado that you have a .0084 (or something like that) chance of drawing the tag. When you are counting fractions of a percent, then you are talking about some astronomical draw odds.

On a side note, that would be a pretty darn amazing experience to hunt elk in Oklahoma. That would be awesome!

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Holy cow!!! 1% or less on

Holy cow!!! 1% or less on your tags, those are some horribl odds. Congrats on the draw. I have to ask. Did you go by a lotto ticket? man i sure would have, with 1% or less odds i'd be feeling pretty darn lucky. When is your hunt? and if it already happened how did you do?

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speed goats in Oklahoma

I always wanted to hunt these.

this year I checked into applying for a draw.

I found out that once you are lucky to get drawn you can never

hunt them again in Oklahoma(once in a life time draw)

so this only leaves it to going out of state to hunt them.


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