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Okimot Lodge-horrible

A word of warning to stay away from Okimot Lodge in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. Just came back from a bear hunt there. The operators were hotel managers in Europe. They may know hotels but not hunting. The owner, Tom, is not a hunter and has only been doing it for 4 years. We were supposed to have active baits but none were being hit. The bait sites had bird hunters coming and going while you were on them. He wouldn't discuss a price adjustment. The fishing was lousy. He had told me you'll get a fish every cast before we got there. People were going out all day and only coming back with one or two.

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Okimot Lodge-horrible

I know a great lodge in Northern ontario about 31/2 more hours past there In a place called Thor lake if you are interested in some good northern ontario bear hunts and fishing is awesome for pickeral and just about everything else.
Heres a link for you to check it out its one of my good friends dads that owns and operates this lodge they had about 10 to 15 bears hit this yearand its a little to far for any bird hunters to find you.


Tonnes of pics and stuff for you to check out if you'd like and if you need any info just lemme know its people like that guy that give us bad names down here.

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Okimot Lodge-horrible

Hey!......my first post on the board......i replied to this one because the Lake Tomiko is the place where we have our hunt camp.......Lake Tomiko area is more known for moose.....we set bait for bears this year and they weren't hit at all,but for Moose we got a big cow first day of the hunt.....as you would of noticed all the swamps in the area......moose paradise....but like atomikall said,for bear you need to go behind Capreol and Thor Lake is the perfect place....and i can vouch for McKee's Camp.....#1 for hopatility,will go out of his way to make your stay unforgettable....well known in our area in doing so.....so next time your looking for a bear hunt ...don't ask the Lodge,they'll tell you anything to get you there...ask the boys! Thumbs up

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Okimot Lodge-horrible

May be off topic, but I just got back from my second trip to Newfoundland. I used Ray Saunders who owns Newfoundland Wilderness Outfitters. Five of us went, four harvested a Moose. Great facilities, better guides, and all promises kept. They also offer bear and caribou. One of our group was on his third visit, and got his third animal.
These folks are certainly worth looking into.

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