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O.K. now what????

ok so say i go deer hunting and get me a deer.. how do you track it when it gets down just keep your eyes on him?? ok anotherr thing..once you have found your deer what do you do to it next?? do you butcher trhe deer your self? or do you take it to a locker?? how hard would it be to do it your self what kind of a knife should you carry when deer hunting??

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O.K. now what????

Welcome alan!

You might want to check out the featured articles right here on BGH. Many cover the questions you're asking about.

Complete index list:

Might try a search on the forums as well. Lots of info here.

Good luck! Big smile

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O.K. now what????

1) sit still for 30 minutes and follow with your eyes. If it goes beyond eyesight get ready to track following a blood trail.

2) its up to you; I like the tenderloins so i cut those out and keep em myself and give the rest of the meat away. after 1st deer of year i give all the meat away to "share the harvest" here in missouri.

any other questions feel free to ask

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O.K. now what????

Here is a past post about tracking.

Once you shoot a deer keep an eye on him until he disappears. Pay close attention to the spot you shot him and the place you last saw him. These will be your first clues to trailing him and recovering. I usually wait at least 30 minutes to start trailing. Hopefully you will have a good shot and your deer won't travel far, but you will need certain skills in trailing your deer, mainly following the blood trail until you find it. This link will give you a better idea of how to do it.

Being your first deer and not having much experience you will probably want to take your deer to the butcher. Work your way into butchering it yourself later on. First you will need to learn how to field dress your deer and prepare to go to the butcher. Try this link and there are many more if you do a google search for field dressing a deer.

Its not hard to do yourself. I havn't yet but will start this year. Theres a post on the site somewhere but i can't find right now. The knife I carry is a Buck Crosslock , which has a straight blade, gut hook, and a saw.

Good Luck Thumbs up Hope this helps!

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O.K. now what????

When you first shoot a deer keep your eye on it for as long as possible. Then after you loose sight of it sit still for at least half an hour. Get on the blood trail and follow it slowly occasionally looking up in case your deer jumps up. Always keep track of where you saw your last blood. When you do get your deer you have to field dress it. there are probably many ways that people do this so find the easiest way for you and stick to it. I have been head to toe in blood before after field dressing so it can get messy. I always butcher the deer myself and mix the burger half and half with beef so the burger doesnt taste so gamy but try it both ways. I carry a Buck knife with a gut hook on it when I go out hunting. Good Luck.

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O.K. now what????

When trailing a deer occasionally mark the trail with some toilet paper. It gives an instant reference point and will dissappear in a few days so won;t harm the environment

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