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Ok, I'm going to boast here...

I debated about whether or not I should boast... decided "hell yes".

My oldest grandson began hunting deer last year. Try as we did in 2012, however, he did not get a Buck.

This year... hunting trips were next to impossible... he's playing JV football and between practice and games, plus football games my younger grandson's play in, it was almost impossible to get to my ranch for hunting trips.

We managed to make it hunting three times. Opening weekend, the following weekend, and this weekend just ended, the LAST weekend for 2013. You can pretty much guess where this is headed, right?

Well, you're right. Last day, 9:30am.... My grandson bagged his first ever Buck. Just a forkie, who cares? The deer, however, was HUGE.. for a Blacktail that is.. lots of venison. The shot... 293 yds. That is measured, BTW.. not guess work. Now, you might ask, and should, WHY take a shot that long? Here is the explanation -

My grandson shooting on 'targets' is an excellent shot. Consistent 3 shots in a quarter patterns from 150yds.. which is where we sight in because my ranch is very open and long shots are typical. FARTHER than 150 is very common, if not most likely. He was CAPABLE of the shot.. but still...

The rut had begun on my ranch. We were seeing Bucks everywhere... my grandson had missed an earlier chance because he simply waited too long. Easy shot... 125yds at most, broadside. the other Bucks we spotted alluded us.. try as we did we could not get on them for the 'easy' shot. At 9:30am, on the very last day of hunting season.. we would be leaving at noon because my grandson had to be home for a Sunday afternoon football meeting,... time was running out. Hence, the attempt from 293yds.

He dropped the Buck. One shot... hunt over. Important addendum:

My grandson is 14... he and I carried the Buck out... no easy chore. My ranch is RUGGED.. steep, cactus everywhere. Nearly a quarter of mile uphill to the ATV. He helped me gut the deer, he helped me skin the deer.... and he is eagerly awaiting the Venison BBQ soon to come.

The ONLY thing that wasn't 'perfect' about the hunt was that I spotted the Buck. SO.. I guess what that really means is: A goal for NEXT year.

Synopsis: Great hunters on this forum.. this will be easy, BEYOND easy to understand, and appreciate.. my grandson's smile was a planet wide. As fate would have it... my best friend and I, who have hunted together since we were kids.. he's a WORLD hunter.. Africa, South America, Australia... was along with us. He's also the BEST hunter I know of.. and I know many. When my grandson made the shot my grandson KNEW that I, as his Papa, would be proud.. but when my friend walked over and told him, "Mason, THAT was a great shot, well done. You're a hunter", wellllll, his pride went soaring. Then when my grandson got his hands bloody gutting the deer.. often not an easy thing your first time... my friend told me, "He's like you and me, Jimmy, he's a born hunter".. well.. that's when MY pride went soaring.. not that it wasn't already soaring. - JamesJM

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Congrats to both of you. Thats GREAT

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That's an outstanding story.

Congrats to the young hunter. You have done well in passing on the legacy and tradition. You should be proud.

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Fantastic !

Congrats to your grandson and to you ! Thumbs up


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Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your grandson!!!

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A follow up...

Last weekend was "Homecoming" day for our local youth football program. It is custom that all the coaches, cheerleader coaches, helpers in any way, have a BBQ behind the snack bar on Homecoming Day.  This year's entree?  Venison Loin and Venison Sausage courtesy of my grandson.  Yup.. I brought about 20lbs of Venison to the game.

It was a rousing success... first time many people had tried Venison.  Now, however, the pressure is on.... they want a repeat next year.  

And thanks for the replies... yeah, it was a special moment, a great hunt.  And next year my 2nd oldest grandson is old enough to get his first deer tag.  - JamesJM

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Awesome Story...

Awesome Story...

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What a wonderful story! Thank you very much for sharing this with us here. Kevin

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