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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

Hey bowhunters, I will be hunting in Huron County in early Nov. for 8 days. I am hunting with a friend, on a realitives farm. The land owner is not familier with bowhunting, we would like to hunt from tree stands but are not sure which ones to use in this area. Here in Az. we use climbing seats, but I don't think they will be any use in Ohio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

I am not from Ohio, but I know much of the land like where I hunt in Indiana and as long as there are straight trees, a climber works great. Nothing like the ability to move whenever you need to.

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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

DON'T USE THE CLIMBERS!!!!! There will be too many limbs in the Ohio woods and they just aren't safe. Go buy a Grizzly hang on. They're only likr $60 and they come with a safety harness. Don' t let your next hunt be your last.

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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

My personal preference is the Ambush Sling. You can set up several locations for one treestand. It's light weight and very quiet. You can carry it in and out with you with utmost stealth. I started using mine 2 years ago and absolutely love it.

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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

I live in Ohio and hunt from a tree stand. I made a ladder up the side of one of my trees from 2 x 4 and anchored them in with very long nails. It is my permanent tree stand for hunting and bird watching.


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Ohio bowhunters help me please!!

Everyone ive ever hunted with in Ohio has used a climber. They usually use summit and have no problems. The only problem you might have is finding the right tree. It depends on the area.

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