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Odds of drawing a Muzzleloader hunt(CO)

Is it possible for a Non-Resident to draw a muzzleloader elk tag for a list B unit hunt with no preference points?

What about a 1st rifle List B unit hunt with no preference points?

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Well, i don't know what the

Well, i don't know what the list B thing is, but I just looked at the points for muzzleloader draws, and there are at least a few that show zero points for resident or nonresidents to draw.  Might be doable.

Of course, maybe those zones don't have any elk, but I have no clue on that... lol

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A B licence is private land.

A B licence is private land. Do you have some lined up?

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Not being a butt head however

Not being a butt head however a "B" license for elk does not need to be private land if it is for antlerless and in the several units mentioned in the book. Yes you can draw a ML tag with no preference points but it will not be easy for most good to really good units. Most take at least one so really look at the info provided by DOW. You will have a better chance at first season rifle than ML as they issue more tags. If you want a cow tag be sure to put your first choice as antlerless in the unit and season you want. Also put in for a second or even a third choice. If you do not get your first choice you will get a point and you still might get your second choice. If hunting in a group I suggest putting in as a group. That way you either all draw or no one draws. Would suck for one person to draw and the rest do not. Look at the info from the DOW, talk with your hunting buddies and pick the areas/season you want to hunt and put the in the order you want. Hope that helps.  

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SGM is right about the ML tags

Muzzleloader tags are pretty limited in most units which generally makes it a bit tougher draw than a 1st rifle tag.  The draw odds vary greatly depending on the specific unit.  It can be a bit daunting to try to decipher the statistical draw data, but it's worth the effort to figure out what odds a zero point non-resident applicant can expect in the areas you wish to hunt.

If you have specific questions about units and odds, ask and many on this forum will be able to help  decipher the data.

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I'm always so focused in my

I'm always so focused in my units that I don't notice the others. A B license is always private land in my units. I never noticed it wasn't that way everywhere. My bad.

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