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October 2011 Grand Slam Challenge Prizes!

We're excited to announce the October 2011 round of the Grand Slam Challenge!

Vanguard is back to sponsor the October round!  They have generously donated a large variety of high quality optics and shooting accessories. Visit the Vanguard website to sign up for their online mailing list for product sneak peeks, giveaway drawings, expert advice and e-newsletters packed with info. Don't forget to let Vanguard know how much their contribution is appreciated!

To participate in the contest you are automatically included by simply logging in and posting. For all you new folks, if you haven't signed up yet - now is the time! Lots of great prizes for simply contributing to BGH. You start collecting points on October 1, 2011. Start preparing your stories and tips and be ready to collect those points!

Scoring has not changed for the October round. 

NOTE: Remember that all submitted stories and tips must be your own, written by you. If submitted stories or tips are found to be copied in whole or part, you will lose all your points and the right to compete for prizes on BGH.

For complete rules visit the Official Contest Rules page at http://www.biggamehunt.net/grand_slam_rules_2011.html for detailed information.

October 2011 prizes:

 - 1st Place : Vanguard Spirit ED 1042 Binoculars - $299.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard PH-242 Window Mount - $89.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard DropDown M62 - $79.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard CK6N1 Optics Cleaning Kit - $24.00
   1st Place Prize Total Value - $491.00

 - 2nd Place : Vanguard High Plains 581 Spotting Scope - $259.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard Alta+ 264AO Tripod - $149.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard Gun Hugger Plus 130C Gun Sling - $17.00
   2nd Place Prize Total Value - $425.00
 - 3rd Place : Vanguard Spirit Plus 1042 Binoculars - $219.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard Porta-Aim - $39.00
   *** PLUS ***
   Vanguard Gun Hugger Deluxe 230C Gun Sling - $20.00
   3rd Place Prize Total Value - $278.00
 - 4th Place : Vanguard Venture Plus 1042G Binoculars - $149.00

 - 5th Place : Vanguard Equalizer 1QS Pivoting Bipod - $79.00

 - 6th Place : Vanguard Quest T62 Shooting Stick - $79.00
 - 7th Place : Vanguard PRO B62 Bipod Shooting Stick - $59.00

For all the details and photos of the prizes, visit this page:


Official Contest Rules:


Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!


Tips and Story submission guidelines:


GOOD LUCK to Everyone!

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Some great prizes there. 

Some great prizes there.  Thanks to BGH and Vanguard.  I will gone most of the month hunting so I am gonna miss out on these.  Good luck to all!

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  Hats off to BGH and


Hats off to BGH and Vanguard!  These are 7 great prizes for October!  I have only been a member now for about 2 months and certainly appreciate these Grand Slam Challenge contests and the prizes offered.  I have learned a great deal from the member tips provided and thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories.  The photo gallaries are also great to look at.  Ladies and Gentlemen - Let the October round begin!!!



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I am running ut of things to

I am running ut of things to say, other that thanks again!  It's a great site, and the prizes are just bonus!

One of these days I will actually be successful again at killing something, and be able to report on it.... lol

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A big thank you to Vanguard

A big thank you to Vanguard and BGH for the chance at these great prizes. I should be around this month to compete, my next hunt doesnt happen untill Nov. Good luck to everyone and happy hunting.