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Obama's Attorney General

For those of you who have so stubbornly clung to the idea that Obama supports your 2nd Amendment rights, it appears the The Obama has just selected Eric Holder as his Attorney General.

If the name doesn't sound familiar, he was Janet Reno's #2 under the Clinton Administration and her hatchet man on gun control measures. I could post a bunch of links, but it's easier for you to just Google "eric holder gun control."

He's supported, among other things, closing gun show loopholes, "smart" gun technology, child safety laws, assault weapons bans, waiting periods, attacks on industry, ballistic fingerprinting, gun owner licensing, universal gun-owner registration, and centralized records of all gun purchases -- things he considers "common sense."

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Obama's Attorney General

I saw this today. Why am I not surprised. sad

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Obama's Attorney General

Yeah, I felt my stomache drop when I saw him on the news last night.

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