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Obama, Oil Prices, and Greenspan

Perhaps the single biggest issue driving independents to Obama is the economy and energy prices. The Obama campaign strategy is simple. Bush polices failed therefore killing the economy and jacking up oil prices, McCain is the same, and you the citizens of this great country don't deserve this.

Independents seem to be buying it to a certain extent.... Obama doesn't even have to prove his plans, he just needs to connect McCain to the "failure" of the Bush administration an argument that is not to hard to follow since McCain/Bush are in the same party.

But wait! Maybe the "failed polices" of Bush didn't have much to do with the economy. Two points of evidence:

1.) Record drop in crude prices over the last few weeks, with talk that crude will go below $50/barrel.

2.) Greenspan Admits Errors to Hostile House Panel. See the article:

Waxman (Democratic Chairman on Government Oversight Committee) and crew spent four hours blaming Greenspan's polices for sparking the subprime crisis which is widely regarded (outside of the Obama crowd) as the shove that pushed the economy over the edge. Maybe Obama and Waxman should sit down and get their blame train in order.

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