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Obama, a mere mortal?

An op-ed piece by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post:

I liked his insight into what's going on with Obama and his slipping ratings. Its nothing new to most of us here, but its heartening to read and hear that more and more citizens are seriously questioning Obama's "changes" and grand plan for this country.

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Obama, a mere mortal?

The problem with Obama is that he is a liar. Politicians often tell lies to get elected, but they generally don't lie to their base and they lie for the purpose of getting elected.

Obama, on the other hand, is a liar. He can't help but lie because he doesn't know what the truth is. He lies just to lie and he lies as regularly to his "base" as he does to conservatives.

It had to catch up with him sooner or later and its looking like its sooner.

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Obama, a mere mortal?

Whats amazing is how many people drank the coolaid.The media is a big part of the blame for not bringing out the truths before the election . Public allies was a group that he and his wife were actually founders of the organization was a [community organizer] organization that was anti white and was founded by tax money to teach how to turn against the government.

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Obama, a mere mortal?

I started listening to Obama earlier today, but had to change the channel. When he started talking about how his plan was making the economy better, I just couldn't listen to the lies any longer.

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