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Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
civetcat wrote:
Go to this web site
Check out the donations where you live. See how many large ones are for which candidate, bearing in mind that only those over $200 (I think) are listed. Look at what they do for who for a living, the $2300 types are all CEOs. Big donations are overwhelmingly Republican.

Pretty cool site civetcat , thanks for posting.

I am happy to see that out of the 3 listed Democrat Donations for my zip code none were for Obama, all were for Clinton.
Overall area has McCain with a 3 to 1 ratio of dollars donated over Obama.

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Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations

So am I to assume there were only 9 political donations from your zipcode? Perhaps you do live in a nice place.

The site is a lot of fun. Look up your old freinds, or look up a local candidate or look up a company.

A word of warning. Just because a candidate gets money from someone who works at a company doesn't mean the company itself endorses the candidate. If you see a small company with too many large donations they are probably cheating in the way I talked about before. I also found an auto parts delivery person making 40K of various donations in my zip, might just be a citizen spending savings, or might be something else.

A US senator spends an ungodly amount of time on the phone getting donations. Senate races are expensive.

Do you think getting ten or fifty thousand from the pharmesutical industry would tend to make someone vote one way on medicare? How about Obama's vote on telecom imunity for all that wiretapping Bush did? McCain feeds at the banking trough.

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Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations

I looked up someone I've known my entire life the other day, I figure he (his wife) saves upwards of 750K per year due to both Bush tax cuts, I estimate salary and options and dividends. I know they both file extremly simple taxes, with thier positions they can't have the slightest wiff of tax avoidance.

He was in the tank for Obama. Donated in the primaries even, I mean someone his age being an old Dem should be totaly Hillary, with his wife being who she is I figured he isn't allowed to contribute Dem. Top of the ticket was the only place he donated, no party, no down ticket races. Maxed out.

So they are voting and contributing against their own self interest. Mind boggling.

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