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N.Y. State Hogs?

Left a thread in another forum but leaving one here to. If you or anyone you know has killed or seen a hog here in N.Y. please please please let me know. I'd rather hog hunt than............... well you get the drift. I pigged in fla. for years and can get a few dogs asap from my friends and will!!!!!!!! I hope this was not a rumor I read about the hogs being around skineatles or however it is spelled hahahah

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N.Y. State Hogs?

Skaneateles neener!

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New York hogs??

New to this venue/forum and Hog hunting as well.
Anyone lead me in the proper direction for hogs (not canned hunts) in the central NY (including Syracuse and Finger Lakes and points south).
Will be using compound bows and .308 rifles. Small party (2 or 3 of us).
Thanks, Earl J

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Heres What I Know

Hogs got loose from a canned hunt operation in the town of Scott which is south of Skaneatles. I know a guy that hit one with his truck on Cold Brook Rd. in the town of Scott. Do not know how many are in the area but everyone knows they breed like crazy. From what the rumors are in the area the hogs are not domestic that went feral, they are Russian hogs brought in for the canned hunt mentioned above. More than likely they are domesticated feral hogs or even hybrids.

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