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NY ADK Club w/3000 acres seeks members ($300/year)

Hey, guys...

I hunt in a club (Hill 19) in the the Northern Adirondacks (Colton and Hopkinton) and we're looking for a few new members. We have nearly 3000 acres of leased land on Carry Falls Reservoir in St. Lawrence County, NY. Our club borders state land as well, giving our members much for than 3000 acres to hunt. What's more, we've got good fishing in Carry Falls (walleye, bass, pike) and Cold Brook flows through the heart of the club (lots of native brook trout). We have three camps--all very rustic as the camp can only be accessed via a locked gate and 12 miles of logging roads. So we don't have any power or phones. We use propane lights and haul our water from the nearby spring. The camp has changed very little since my great grandfather started coming in here with horses back in the day. This is big woods hunting, a classic Adirondack Hunting camp. Don't expect to see a lot of deer. But, we do have big bucks. The club is currently very lightly hunted. If you want to have lots of room to roam, this is the place to be. What's more we've got bear, grouse and the occasional moose. We like it. If you're interested, please give me a call (518-425-6132). The season will be here soon. Dues for first year members is $300.


George Rogers
Chateaugay, NY