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NV unit 171 archery deer

I drew my first NV deer tag for unit 171 which is just north of Tonopah. Being my first hunt in Nevada (and archery at that) I have a lot of homework to do and any help would be greatful.

the hunt is 8/01/09-9/05/09. Should be extremely warm and I would think I would find them in higher altitiude, are there any bowls they would be hanging out in or other hot spots?


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I also drew the archery, Ive got a few places picked out for some scouting. Send me your contact information to brianbyrd119@hotmail.com

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unit 17

if i were you i would start at Stewart Creek. it's at the base of the wilderness area with a trailhead that eventually makes it all the way to the top of Arc Dome. there are lots of quakies and from here you can make your way up or down the range from Cow Camp to Opher summit. there is a good primitive campground with a running creek and bathrooms right at the trailhead. you could use this as a base camp and bivy from there if you spot something to chase after. just watch out for the Sierra club nut bags. they show up from time to time from California and think they own everything. most of the hunters go in through Opher summit so that is where the larger numbers of hunters will be. there are some other areas that are pretty rough that hold great deer, but you better eat your wheaties and get ready for steep climbs and little cover. hard to get on with a bow.
i used to live in the valley just southwest of this area in Lower Smoky Valley, so i kind of know the area pretty well.

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Re: NV unit 171 archery deer

2010 Update...

how about UNITS 251 - 253 S.E. of 171 ?

what areas should I focus on?

what areas to start scouting in?

thanks in advance

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