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Well I was up in the air wether I wanted to kill a doe today.. So Im sitting there and at 700am a spike came in... Lucky for him he had a little spike on top of his head.. 830 rolls around and Im getting tired of sitting there.. The fog starts to pour into the area and I cant see 50 yards.. Well I catch a tail flicker and here they come.. 2 does.. They got right in front of me and I keep watching and waiting for them to hit this window the deer always walk into and Im watching to see if anything is following them.. Nothing following and the deer do something no other deer has done all year and walk down hill away from my shot opening.. 9am I see more deer and the fog is still in the area so I cant tell what they are.. I wait and I can hear deer everywhere.. The first 2 does come back and I let them pass because I can still hear deer below them.. Those deer finally come up hill and I put the scope up... Does... OK so I let the 243 bark on the first one and she goes 10 yards and collapses... The others just stand there and look at her.. They walk up to her, blow and turn around.. They just kept staying around, so I said WTH, KAPOWEEEEEEE.. she runs off and I know I hit home.. I get down and the first doe is a true momma doe.. she had the biggest head on a doe I have ever seen... you could just tell she was an old deer.. Her legs were real thick and body was just real long... Great morning!

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those are some big does. thats gonna be yummy in your tummy Thumbs up

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I hope you're getting a new freezer for Christmas Good Job Psyco Thumbs up

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Early Christmas present! Good day in the field. Thumbs up

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