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NSSF Rejects NPS Classification of Traditional Ammo ...

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NSSF Rejects NPS Classification of Traditional Ammo as Health Threat

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NSSF Rejects NPS Classification of Traditional Ammo ...

People today are so worried about this theory that lead projectiles used to take game is going to poison and desimate the population of every living thing. It's just rediculous. From the 1600's to the early part of the 20th century the vast majority of people's dinner meat was aqcuired buy shooting an animal with lead projectiles or having someone shoot it for you. Even city folks eating in fancy hotels and restaurants dinned on meat that had been taken by market hunters with lead. No ill effects. Instead of using common sence and proper handling of certain things, people today develope phobias and fear causes them to want to ban everything. People in the past lived every day without near as much protection from everything as we have today, and the population is still around and flurishing.

We keep giving into these unrealistic fears and one day no one will be allowed to get their hands dirty while working on a car for fear of toxicity. No one will be allowed to consume alcohol. No one will be allowed to cut their grass with a gas powered lawn mower. No one will be allowed to paint. No one will be allowed to touch batteries. No one will be allowed cook food over wood or charcoal. We'll all be living in protective bubbles restricted to a diet of organic seaweed and green leafy vegitables only. That's not the world I want my children to live in.

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