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nrc in michigan

well we gave them proposal 1 and now in less than a week the natural resources commission hands a bill to the legislature asking that all hunting/fishing fess be raised!!!!
not just a few bucks(which is understandable)but at least double what they are now!!!!!!!!!!!! Brick Wall,) i think 30 bucks is pretty sufficient for a combo deer license(2deer),but they are pushing for 75!it seems to me that they will only promote poaching as some people will not be able to afford the fees.also certain species will be off limits to non-residents,a bear tag will go from 15 to 50,elk 100 to 200,fishing 28 to 40;i ask all mich.sportspeople,urge you,to contact your congressman and let them know this is unacceptable Shame on You! ,as well all hunters from other states who come here as well.it's time to voice our opinions and do it loudly enough so that the elected officials understand we will not stand for this-it would only lead to future increases and give into groups like peta-who would love to see us not be able to do what we love so much!STAND UNITED IN MICHIGAN AND FIGHT THE POLOTICIANS
sorry for rambling everyone but if we let this go unnoticed it will only get worse...

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Need to clarify something

Hey Browncityredneck...I'm on your side 100% on this proposed license increase issue. To become law both state houses have to vote it in. Contacting our congressmen wouldn't help much because it's a state issue. Folks that want to voice their opposition to the proposed license increase need to email or call their state senator and state representatives...it can make a difference. Seems to me we need a new DNR Director that can manage the department within it's budget instead of continuing on with the one that lead us into the biggest budget deficit in DNR history. Please take time to read my post in this site's BigGameHunt.net Midwest section on the DNR's failure to license and regulate guides. In case you're not aware...no license is required for those making money off the resource and operating mostly on public land. There's even a case where an individual convicted of hunter harassment...lost his hunting privledges, but was allowed to keep making money off his guiding operation because the Michigan DNR does not require a license. Guess it's easier to stick it to the sportsmen.


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