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NRA and Hunting

This post is not to poke at anyone, but to educate about the work the NRA does to preserve hunting. Based on comments in other threads, I believe that people don't realize how much the NRA does for hunting.

Just recently American Airlines changed its policy on transporting firearms as checked luggage. This had a devastating effect on international hunters. I knew the NRA was working on getting AA to change their policy.

This just came to me from SCI. They and the NRA are working together for hunters.

Thanks to the vigilance of SCI members, Safari Club International was alerted immediately when American Airlines changed its policy on firearms to prohibit them on flights to Europe and Asia . The change was made effective on September 24, 2007. Working closely together with the National Rifle Association, SCI lobbyists made contact with American Airlines and requested an immediate review of the new regulation and its scope. Some seventy-two hours later, American Airlines has announced it is lifting its blanket prohibition on firearms on flights to Europe and Asia . Regrettably, due to onerous restrictions in the United Kingdom , American is currently unable to lift the prohibition for flights destined for the UK . However, discussions between American, SCI and the NRA continue, with the goal of resolving this issue as well.

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NRA and Hunting

Very well put CVC.

If you aren't a member of the NRA, please join the ranks.

If you aren't a registered voter, please get registered. The gun grabbers and anti-hunters are getting more agressive all the time. These are the best two ways to fight and let our voices be heard.

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