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November 2011 Grand Slam Challenge Prizes!

We're excited to announce the November 2011 round of the Grand Slam Challenge Contest!

A great big THANK YOU to our sponsors Webyshops.com and Bushnell. They have generously donated an impressive line-up of high quality optics!

To participate in the contest you are automatically included by simply logging in and posting. For all you new folks, if you haven't signed up yet - now is the time! Lots of great prizes for simply contributing to BGH. You start collecting points on November 1, 2011, however you can start preparing your stories and tips and be ready to collect those points!

Scoring has not changed for the November round.

NOTE: Remember that all submitted stories and tips must be your own, written by you. If submitted stories or tips are found to be copied in whole or part, you will lose all your points and the right to compete for prizes on BGH.

For complete rules visit the Official Contest Rules page at http://www.biggamehunt.net/grand_slam_rules_2011.html for detailed information.

November 2011 prizes:

- 1st Place : Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40 Bone Collector Rifle Scope, DOA 600 Reticle, Matte Black - $569.95

- 2nd Place : Bushnell Chuck Adams 4x20 BowHunter Laser Rangefinder - $334.95

- 3rd Place : Bushnell Nightwatch Gen 1 2x24 Monocular - $285.95

- 4th Place : Bushnell Sentry 18-36x50 Spotting Scope, Black - $192.95

- 5th Place : Bushnell Legacy 8x42 Binoculars, Black - $126

- 6th Place : $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

- 7th Place : $25 Gander Mountain Gift Card

For all the details and photos of the prizes, visit this page:


Official Contest Rules:


Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!


Tips and Story submission guidelines:


GOOD LUCK to Everyone!

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As usual, thanks for another

As usual, thanks for another great round of prizes to BGH, Bushnell, and Webyshops!!!  I have to go to Vermont for 6 days, but hopefully I will have a good story to post when I get back.....Wink

Thanks again!

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Wow, another great list of

Wow, another great list of prizes for this month. Thanks to the folks at BGH to make this possible. Also thanks to Bushnell, Dicks and Gander Mountain. All these prizes are great and will be proud to say I won one if I do win one. Thanks again.

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And Yet Another Great Grand Slam Challenge!


And yet another great Grand Slam Challenge!  Novermber is a great contest filled with some great prizes.  A great big thanks goes to Webyshops.com, Bushnell, Gander Mountain, and Dicks.  Great Sponsors!  And as big of thanks goes to BGH the greatest hunting web site for putting it all together. 

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Yet again alot of great

Yet again alot of great prizes up for grabs.  Good luck to all. 

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More great prizes forma

More great prizes forma  great list of sponsors. Thank you again to BGH and all the others that help put this together and keep it all running. Good luck to everyome who will be competing this month. The prizes are worth it.


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Great contest and prizes. 

Great contest and prizes.  Sure wish I would have known about this earlier.  You guys really stepped up to the plate and so did your sponsors.  Bravo!!! 

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We can't say it enough!

Thank you Bushnell!  Thank you Webyshops!  And thank you BGH!  This is one of those months when it doesn’t matter where you come in on the prize list.  Everything there is a great prize.  The contests here are awesome but that is just the frosting on the cake because this website and forum is stacked with good information provided on a timely basis (which makes it actually USEFUL!) and the excellent hunting stories and photographs, but the Best thing is the people I meet here who share the passion for hunting.  THANK YOU sponsors and BGH!  We can't say it enough! :=D>   :=D>   :=D>