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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

January 2008 Product Review

This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) have come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, the UTV is a vehicle to check their fences and maintain food plots. For others, they are an all-in-one cargo, game and people-hauler for hunting trips on public land. Another dimension is emerging in the UTV world, and that is the high-performance element. Several manufacturers now have UTV-like vehicles that can be loads of fun as trail-riding rigs when hunting seasons aren't open. Hang on tight, here's a look at the new iron for 2008. Read more...

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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

I have thought of something like these would be nice, about half the price of an ATV and has bigger payload, more room, etc.


I had the money, Ild go with one of these over an atv. Just me 2 cents worth.

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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

Them Japanese vehicles are pretty nice, almost a no brainer to buy these instead of the others because of the price.

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Why don't people learn how to walk instead of tearing up the forest with this junk! Walking is good for you and it is the REAL way to hunt!!!

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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

ya well where i live their's spots to hunt that would take you at leasd two days of stedy walking without stopping once to get to. And than when you do get there and shoot somthing your screwed so i think a utilty vehical is a great way to hunt remote areas, i would love to get the artic cat prowler,

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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

I am a beef cattle farmer. My wife has been wanting a gator now for some time. I have always said NO because we have trucks and a few tractors for farm use, we didn't need another vehicle. Well, one day this summer I came home from town and a new John Deere 620i Gator was setting in our yard. Since then, I seldom use the pick-up to go to the field. The Gator is so convient to get in and out of, (a big deal in opeinig, closing gates). I even use it to go to town on ocassion (3.5 mi). What about this winter when it is cold and snowing, etc. Well, I am used to being out of doors in heat and cold. I look forward to using it in winter also. Expecially, this fall for hunting. I have been converted. I am now a believer.

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This is Not Your Father's Gator: 2008 UTV Roundup

We use our UTV," Ranger" for lots of stuff hunting, hauling wood working around the farm, we have a snow plow and soft doors, and its street legal.
The grand kids love it and so do we.

I had the pleasure two years ago to drive 6 different UTV machines John Deere, Ranger,Yamaha, Kawaski, Honda and the Articat and compare them. I can say they all are awesume.

6 bolts and the rear cage can come right out of the box!

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