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Not Sure if this will be classified as Long Range ?

With hunting season coming up quickly, wanted to get out and get some trigger time behind

the deer and elk rifles, making sure i will be able to do my shooting part when the oppurtunity comes



Thanks for Watching



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Well I'll try this again You

Well I'll try this again

You can't beat the .338 caliber for some long range shooting.  The best one out there when I bought mine was the .340 Weatherby unless you wanted to try out some of the wildcats that were floating around.  I have taken a couple of 700+ yard shots with it and it has never faild me on the longer ranges. 

Just after I bought mine Weatherby introduced their .30-378 and then a short while later came out with the .338-378 and I almost traided in my .340 for one.  There are times that I wished that I had and other times I am glad that I didn't. 

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