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Family Traditions

Since poaching is a "family tradition" with this clan I highly doubt that jail time during hunting season will stop thier endeavors.

As for family tradition, some are to be upheld and revered and others not so much. At one time it was family tradition to own slaves, today not so. Times change and to a certain degree traditions must also if one wants to not be a criminal or be considered immoral. They have no responsibility for what thier ancestors did but they do have a responsibility to how they act, and what they do, today.


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no stopping

I doubt that anything will really change for them. They have been doing it to long and are to good at it. The only7 way they got caught was the girl friend that the kid was buying a tag for.

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Thank you for the welcomes,

Thank you for the welcomes, sorry it took so long to reply, had a bust time getting ready for hunting. I will post the pics and story, but not on this thread lol

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  I had to read all of the


I had to read all of the posts before placing my $0.02 into the topic.  I knew the jail time would be dropped.  All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!!  This type of sentencing always sounds good at the start of the story but when everything is done and over with these criminals spend little if zero time in jail and they offer almost nothing in repayment towards wildlife management.  Out of 300 deer killed (and that is most likely only really 50% of the actual number of deer poached) you figure at least 5% were trophy deer - or 15 animals.  15 trophy deer poached would fetch a $150,000.00 fine here.  Now these people may have been dirt poor and thus they felt they were okay or allowed to poach.  My opinion is nobody is allowed to poach.  They most likely can't pay the fines.  I would be more satisfied if this family of poachers had mandatory long term (several years - 5 years each would be good) volunteer service that benefitted wildlife management in any way.  And you think they will no longer poach deer?  If you think so I have a bridge to sell you!  Until law enforcement and the general public see this as a human victimless crime then we will continue to see the same slap on the wrist sentences.


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