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Not a BIG cat...but still a cat!

I have been considering hunting bobcats in SO cal. I need some help on starting out!

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Not a BIG cat...but still a cat!

I have not hunted bobcats before. However of what I know of their nature you may be best off trapping them. Trapping might not be legal in CA though...

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Not a BIG cat...but still a cat!

Are you hunting with hounds??

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Not a BIG cat...but still a cat!

i too am wanting to hunt bobcats in sw washington and not sure how to start out i think they need a preditor forum maybe thats something we could get our hands on maybe anything from coyotes bobcats and anything else you can think of lol

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Not a BIG cat...but still a cat!

Ok guys well i've called in alot of cats. and really any gun will work for this job from 223 to 7mm and even shot gun. you need to be good and camoed up because the cats have very good eyes and can spot you from along way off some times hunderds of yards off.Next you need calls i have a foxpro game caller thats $400.00 but if you just want to go out cheap you can get some mouth calls that works just the same. try a fawn distress and rabbit distress also woodpecker distress works good for cats look for high pitch calls that love that stuff. keep calling for about 45 minutes so the cats wont get distracted also you might want a decoy that moves. ok well hope this will help any more questions just ask.



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