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Not bad scouting

My dad called me last night.  My niece (10 yrs old) is up there for 2 weeks by herself, visiting the grandparents.  They went out looking for deer, and saw a bachelor herd of 10 bucks, another of 7 bucks, and then a total of 22 does, and many fawns.

It was about 10 miles as the crow flies from where we hunt.  I asked him if he thought it was a local occurrance, or if that was a sign that the deer herd was better overall.  he said either today or tomorrow he will head over and scout around the area that we hunt.

I can't wait to hear how it goes.  I only have 3 full days to hunt, and will shoot any legal buck I see. Hoever, been a long time since that happened, so I am carefully optimistic.... Wink

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It sounds like the deer herd

It sounds like the deer herd in that area at least is doing very well. Hopefully it carries over to the entire are and you'll be able to get into them quickly. I hate the pressure of a short time hunt especially if your not sure of everything going into it.

Sounds like you have several good hunts planned for the next year or so. I hope everything comes together and you can put some meat on the ground. Good luck with all of them.

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Wow, thats awesome! Maybe the

Wow, thats awesome! Maybe the neice should go on the hunt with you! haha maybe she's a good luck charm!

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Great news!  Sounds like your going to be seeing some buckaroos!

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Great news!

I can recall when I lived in Poultney many years ago, going for rides on my motorcycle in the evening and seeing lots of deer feeding in fields adjacent to woods in that area. I sure hope your chosen area also holds some good numbers of deer for your hunt. :thumbsup1: