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Nosler E Tip

I saw these on the Nosler site.
Anyone done any work or have any results with these.
Solid copper with a poly tip to aid expansion.
As of now, it looks like they're availabilty is in 180gr 30 cal only.

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Nosler E Tip

I was looking at the E-Tips awhile back,but I don't have a 30 cal.

I guess it's just my 270 cal BTBallisticTips on Steroids Big smile

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Nosler E Tip

I heard about these several months ago. Barnes is supposed to be doing the same thing. Nosler admitted it was partly to insure expansion as it seems some close up rather than expand. Barnes claimed it improved the ballistics. Huh. Just how much ballistics do you need. If you stop to consider how flat say a 180 gr soft point flies from a 30-06, it would take a lot of streamlining to get a ballistic tip type bullet to fly appreciably flatter, especially for game hunting. As for penetration, the plastic tip won't help much there and there is no soft lead nose to protect.

I predict they'll sell very well.

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