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Nosler Accubonds for Bull Elk

I was wondering if anyone has any on game experience using Nolser Accubonds for mature bull elk. I shoot either a 7MM Rem Mag or a 300 Win Mag which like 160 grain and 180 grain accubonds respectively. I have killed mulies with the 160 accubonds, but that is the largest game animal I have killed with accubonds and I realize a bull elk is a step above a mature muley.

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I shoot a .270, so this may

I shoot a .270, so this may not apply to you. I called up Nosler, and asked them if I should shoot Partitions or Accubonds. Without hesitation he said Partitions. I 've been using them all my life, so he got no arguments from me.


I thought the Accubond was an improvement to the older Partition, but Nosler doesn't think that way.

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Accubonds for elk

The only elk that I've killed with an Accubond was a cow.  It was a 140 yd shot tight behind her shoulder with a 160 gr AB from my 7 mm Rem mag.  The shot dropped her in her tracks.

This is my "foul weather" elk rifle, and I would not hesitate to shoot any bull elk with it.

I used that same load for several animals on a trip to South Africa and the PH made several comments on the large wound channels those bullets made.  The largest animals that I shot with that combination were a Red Hartebeest and a Black Wildebeest that was shot at 250 yds.

My primary elk bullet for many years was the 180 gr Partition at a muzzle velocity of 2990 fps from my .30 Gibbs.  I shot a lot of bulls with that combo, but there always was a large bloodshot area around the wound channel.  My favorite elk bullet now is the 168 gr TSX at 3290 fps from my .300 Weatherby. 


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in .264

I've used 130 Accubonds in the .264 Win Mag.  160 Accubonds in the 7mm will do great.

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Nosler Accubonds

I appreciate the no nonsense response. I have used 160 Partitions, but would like to switch to Accubonds because of price and increased accuracy. Of course, I am sort of making an argument that runs against, "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

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I personally believe that it

I personally believe that it all depends on how you want the bullet to look or the performance of the bullet.  I personally like Barnes bullets.  I like how the mushroom and retain over 95% of its weight.  I also use to shoot a lot of Nosler partitions but switched to the Barnes from them.  Now the accubond bullet is a bonded bullet and according to Nosler they are good for deer, elk, bear, and moose.  I doubt that I'll give them a try but if they perform out of your rifle then go ahead and try them and see what the end results are.  In the end the decision is yours. 

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I use 160gr partitions in a 7mag. 
When I had a question about accubond vs partition I checked the Nosler website.  They had something that advised to shoot what groups best out of your particular rifle.
I've been very happy with partitions but would not hesitate to use accubonds.
In my gun the difference in accuracy between those two is imperceptible.
Either one gives me tighter groups than Barnes.
I do not believe another bullet can match the terminal performance of partitions with a head shot or neck shot on elk.

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Either the .284 160gr

Either the .284 160gr Accubond or the .308 180gr Accubond would be fine for elk.

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I shot two cow elk using my

I shot two cow elk using my 7mm rem mag and 160gr accubonds with no problems

This year i will be using my 30-06 with 180gr accubonds for elk in Colorado in the SanJuan forest. 

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While it was not a bull I

While it was not a bull I have shot many a cow with my Accubonds and they have worked great.  Shots have all ranged from 55 yards to 355 yards.  All animals died within sight....fartherest one when 30feet and was expired.  So until I find something that works that well for me...I am gonna stay with the Accubond.  On a side not I shoot the Accubonds at all game I big game hunt.

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