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Nosler Accubond for elk?

How are Nosler custom Accubonds for elk?  Penetrate enough?

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good, yes

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I use Accubonds in a 325wsm

I use Accubonds in a 325wsm and last year i was shooting down hill and it entered near high just behind shoulder and exited far low on inside of far leg. Needless to say didn't go far.

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I use the 225 grain Accubond

I use the 225 grain Accubond out of my .338 win mag for elk.  It is truly a great bullet for elk and you cannot go wrong with it.  the first elk I ever shot with one was at 355 yards and while the shot was a bit forward it went thru one shoulder and out the other so i would have to say I got great penetration.  She went about 20 to 30 yards and she was dead.  I would love to have been able to find the bullet to see how it performed but it was not gonna happen.  And then 10 months later I shot another cow at 55 yards and the entry wound and exit wounds were almost the same size.  tells me the bullet went thru quick and held together well.  You cannot go wrong with a Accubond.

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I've had such good luck with

I've had such good luck with the Partition. I've never tried any other Nosler. Good to know we have another option.

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another yes vote here.  I

another yes vote here.  I agree with all these guys.  I'm so confident in the bullet (and I'm not a very good tracker) that I like a high shoulder shot.  even with a 30-06 it is almost an instant drop in its tracks.

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a buddy shot his bull in 2008 with a 165 grain accubond in 300win mag. It broke both shoulders and we recovered it on the off side under the skin. It expanded and had good weight retention. this is the bullet I use now for elk and deer only in 180 grain. they also are accurate out of my rifle

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I used the accubond for a

I used the accubond for a couple of years in my 7mag with excellent results on deer. Never got a chance to try them on elk but I'm sure it would have been no different. I wanted to use them in my 270wsm but for some reason the gun hated them and I had to move on to something else. But if they shoot well in your gun they  are a great bullet.

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I got a pass through on a cow

I got a pass through on a cow last year with a 130 gr AB in a 270.   Thumbs up

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possibly the best

possibly the best "all-around" lead bullet for the west. I already sent one through a pronghorn this year(went three feet after the shot; from standing to the ground!) and will be trying to put one in a mulie and an elk later in the year. I've already put them through both of these species and they worked great.

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Nosler makes great bullets,

Nosler makes great bullets, no doubt about it.  But then so does Speer, Barnes, Hornady, etc.  I've used many different bullets and factory ammo and could honestly say almost all of them have produced good results.  When I was a kid, my father bought some cheap russian ammo once at a gun show that was pretty crappy--never hunted with it and ended up just shooting it all up at targets for some cheap fun.

Bullets have come a long way since I was a kid.  But the effectiveness of the bullets in killing game doesn't seem to have gone up proportionally with the improved technology and cost.  Don't get me wrong, I like shooting high performance ammo when hunting.  I am willing to pay for the confidence of shooting a round I know will perform every time without question.  In the end, I don't think it would really matter if I was shooting a Nosler partition, a Hornady SST (or the ridiculously priced interbond), or a Barnes TTSX.  They all work well in killing game.

The real question should be how well your gun likes these different bullets and those who don't reload, which factory ammo gives you the most consistent result.  Once you've tried a few different brands/combinations and found the best, stick with it for hunting too.  The best bullet will be the one that hits the animal exactly where you intended it.

Just my $0.02 worth...

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