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Northwoods Deer Camp Question

I have never lived in an area where I had the opportunity to visit or be invited to a real, honest-to-goodness northwoods deer camp, but have heard numerous stories. I am wondering how many of you have old stories from the 40's through 60's or anytime for that matter. Old deer camp stories are just great to hear. Anyone got any good ones?

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North woods deer camp

If you're interested in the northwoods deer camp, rent the movie Escanaba in da Moonlight. It's a comedy about hunting near Escanaba in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

It's a great story starring Jeff Daniels as the "buckless yooper."

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Northwoods Deer Camp Question

This story took place several years ago in the UP of MI. Two of my brothers were hunting together when 3 bucks jumped out of a swamp. The bucks did not see them right away, so it was decided since Dave was positioned to the right, he would shoot the buck on the right and Brent would shoot the one on the left. There shots were at the same time, and the buck in the center fell! At this point, their main concern was to look for the other buck that was shot at. After searching for several hours for any sign that the other deer was hit, they decided to gut the first one. After rolling it over, they discoverd it was shot twice! Not only did they both shoot the wrong buck, they shot the same one! I was probably funnier if you could have been there to hear them tell the story. I know I'll be telling it every year at camp. UP deer camps are the best.

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